What is the process for getting my tenants evicted?
  • In North Carolina, evictions typically follow a 4-step process:
    • 1. Notify tenants of their breach and demand possession of the Premises;
    • 2. File a Complaint in Summary Ejectment (Small Claims Court);
    • 3. Obtain a Judgment for Possession from the Magistrate; and
    • 4. File a Writ of Possession and have the Sheriff schedule a lock-out.
What are the typical Court Costs for an eviction?
  • The Costs charged by the Court for filing the required legal documents are:
    • 1. Summary Ejectment Complaint: $126 - single tenant / $156 – two
    • 2. Writ of Possession: $55 - single tenant/ $85 - two tenants

How much will the attorney’s fees be for an eviction?
  • The attorney’s fees we charge for each eviction case are set for you in advance, and are based upon the nature of each eviction situation. As you might expect, non-payment of rent cases will have the lowest fees; but even more complex cases (e.g. criminal activity, unauthorized occupant) can also be handled on a flat fee basis! Regardless of the type of eviction, then, our services will always have predictable and pre-determined fixed costs.
How long will the eviction process take?
  • In North Carolina, a typical eviction can take up to 6 weeks from filing of the Complaint to the date the locks are changed.
  • Once the Complaint has been filed, the eviction hearing is scheduled by the Clerk of Court, typically about 2 weeks after the filing date.
  • Following the hearing, N.C. law mandates a 10 day waiting period, during which time the tenant can: move out, work out a payment agreement with the Landlord, or file a Notice of Appeal with the Court. No action can be taken by the Landlord during this 10 day appeal period.
  • Following the 10 day appeal period, if the tenant has not filed an Appeal, paid in full, or moved out, you can submit a request to TheEvictionTeam.com to file a Writ of Possession with the Court, directing the Sheriff to schedule a lock-out date.
  • After the Writ is filed, the Sheriff will notify you and the tenant by mail of the date the lock-out will occur – typically 7-10 days after the Writ is filed.
How do I begin an Eviction using TheEvictionTeam.com?
  • Once you have signed our Firm’s Representation Letter, you will be contacted to set your property up as a Client in our system, and you will receive your own login information for TheEvictionTeam.com. Training is also offered to new clients, to assist you with learning all the features and tools that are available in the site. Once you login, though, submitting a request for an eviction filing is as simple as filling in all the required fields, and clicking “Submit”. We’ll receive electronic notification of your request, along with all of the information you’ve provided, and we take it from there to get your eviction(s) prepared and your hearing date scheduled.
How will I know when my hearing or lock-out is scheduled?
  • After you’ve submitted an Eviction Filing Request, our staff will process the paperwork, file the Complaint in Summary Ejectment, and will then enter the hearing date into the site. Then, you can simply log in any time and check the hearing date and time for any case you’ve filed.
  • After you’ve submitted a Writ of Possession Request, our staff will process and file the Writ of Possession for you, and will notify the Sheriff of your contact information. The Sheriff will then mail you a set of documents, and also call you to schedule the date and time for the lock-out to occur.
Do I have to attend the Eviction Hearing?
  • It depends upon the type of eviction you are requesting, but for non-payment cases, we can handle the eviction hearing without you having to attend. However, if you are needed for the hearing, our attorneys or staff will let you know. When that happens, though, we can often schedule the eviction hearing for a date and time that will work with your schedule.
What if the tenant pays me or moves out – how do I stop the eviction?
  • Simply login to TheEvictionTeam.com using your Password, click on the Dismissal Request page, fill in the requested information and click “Submit”. We’ll prepare the Notice of Dismissal and file it with the Court, bringing your case to a conclusion.
Do you automatically file the Writ of Possession for me?
  • No – we will not file a Writ of Possession unless you have submitted a Writ of Possession Request through TheEvictionTeam.com. That way, you will not be charged Court Costs and attorney’s fees for a Writ that you might not have needed.
How do I know whether I need to file the Writ of Possession?
  • 10 days following the date of your eviction hearing, if you haven’t heard from the Tenant(s), you should visit the Premises to see if they have moved out. If not (or if you are not sure), then simply login to TheEvictionTeam.com using your Password, go to the Writ of Possession request page, fill in the requested information and submit your request. We’ll prepare the needed paperwork and submit it to the Sheriff for you.
How can I get more information about my eviction if I have questions?
  • If you ever have a question or are curious about the status of an eviction or Writ you’ve requested, simply log into TheEvictionTeam.com using your Password. The information about every case you submit is maintained in your client page, and is accessible to you at any time. All you have to do is login and you can see it for yourself at anytime!
  • If you ever need additional assistance, though, one of our staff members or attorneys is always available by phone or by email to provide you with an answer to any of your questions. And at TheEvictionTeam.com, any legal question relating to one of the cases you’ve filed with us is a service that is included in the flat fee price for that case - there’s never any “unexpected” attorney fees tacked onto a flat fee eviction invoice, they’re all part of our service to you.