Eviction-Focused Legal Services

We're no "traditional" law firm.

Our Team focuses all our skills and resources on one specific service:
We represent Property Management Companies
through every stage of the Eviction process.

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How We’re Different

Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC is a Law Firm with a unique approach to legal services: the only work we do at L&B is eviction cases, and the only clients we do them for are large-portfolio Multifamily and Single-Family Property Management companies.

Our single-minded approach to the legal services we provide allows us to enhance your client experience:

  • We’re more focused than a “traditional” law firm (with all their “areas of practice” stealing time from your time-sensitive evictions), and
  • We’re more comprehensive than a mere “document filing service” (with no lawyers for needed legal advice or court representation).

At Loebsack & Brownlee, we consider ourselves your Eviction Services Partner.

How We Do It

Full Legal Representation

All eviction requests are reviewed and approved by one of our experienced attorneys; then, they’re processed and sent to the courthouse for filing by our processing team. We don’t stop there, either: our attorneys are courtroom veterans who are always ready to provide you with needed advice, and represent you at court in any of your cases.

Technology-Driven Efficiency

We know that when eviction-related services are all under one roof, you can more effectively track and monitor the entire process. Our technology provides our clients with access to reporting features that ensure that you and your properties are are always aware of the status of your cases in real time. It also allows us to do our invoicing the modern way: electronically, with same-day generation. Our clients never wonder how long before they’ll receive a bill, or hear that the invoice got “lost in the mail.”

Court Cost Payment & Fixed Fee Pricing

Our Firm pays any required filing fees for your eviction cases directly to the Courts, so you never have to wait for a check to be cut before you can have your cases filed. We also give you the luxury of up to 30 days to pay our invoices, helping you better manage your cash flow. Finally, all the fees for our Team’s services are charged with flat, fixed rates – you’ll never have any “billable hour” surprises waiting for you at the end of the month!

We’re Ready to Serve Where You Are

Because our clients are portfolio-driven Property Management firms, with properties located throughout the Southeast, so are we.  From our 5 regional offices, our Legal Team has the depth and experience to help your on-site teams anywhere throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.


Meet the Team

How it Works

We currently serve our clients throughout these
three Southeastern states.
Each state has different laws and processes.
Want to know more about them?  Click on your State!

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South Carolina

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