Eviction Team Member Update!

The Eviction Team is pleased to recognize that we’ve had 2 folks earn some more stripes, as it were, and have been elevated as a result of their great work for the Team. Please join us in congratulating Mary Liz Cameron, who has now been elevated to Senior Associate Attorney for the Charlotte office, and Lauren Mitchell, who has been promoted to A/R Manager for the Firm.

We’re very grateful to both of them for all the hard work and diligence they bring to the Firm every day and we’re sure everyone agrees with us that we’re a better place as a result of each of their contributions.

Also, we would like to acknowledge and thank Jennifer Auerbach and Stephanie Amatuzzo for their recent changes in role for the Firm. Jennifer is once again our first line of communication with clients, and has also taken on the role of managing our communications with outside vendors, allowing us to centralize our efforts with various vendors. Also, Stephanie A. has stepped into an assistant role in support of our ever-growing appeal docket in the Charlotte office and will be working with Lynette McPherson and Devinn Barnette to help make sure the appeals process works more and more efficiently as we go into the rest of 2017.