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It Starts With You

Since January of 2014 when Chris Loebsack and Will Brownlee joined together to start a new firm called Loebsack & Brownlee, our firm’s focus is to assist professionally managed apartment communities and professionally managed multi-housing companies with a minimum of 100 rental units in our coverage area.

If you meet the minimum requirements, we would love to help you with your evictions. After you’ve reviewed the processes and prices below, click the registration button to the right. It will gather all the pertinent information we need to get the process started.

For those of you who are already a client of our firm, please click the Eviction Processing Login button at the bottom right of this page, and it will direct you to the Login screen.


Submit your case for us to review and file

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will be able to log into our eviction software partner’s website and begin submitting and managing your evictions online. We encourage you to manage all of your cases and requests through our website. That is one way that we can keep our costs so low and work so quickly. You’ll want to make sure you keep an eye on your email for updates and reminders, and when you do have questions, simply login and you’ll find the information posted online. Our team of attorneys is always available to answer our clients’ legal questions.

Now the Eviction Team goes to work for you

What do they do?

Case Review & Documentation Preparation

As soon as you submit your eviction requests with the required supporting documentation, one of our Team of attorneys will review everything, and once approved, we will prepare the paperwork to submit to the court. We do our best to get this done within 2-3 business days, but during the busiest time of the month, it could be slightly longer. If we're missing anything, the system will send you an automated email letting you know what we need to proceed.

File Dispossessory & Pay Fees to the Court

After your documentation has been approved, the paperwork has been prepared, and checks have been issued, we send everything to the Clerk of Court in your County for filing. Don't worry about paying up front because we pay the court fees for you and simply invoice them back to you. Our invoices are due upon receipt, but we give you up to 30 days to pay.

Case Number Assigned

As soon as we receive the receipt from the clerk, we will post case numbers in Nationwide so you know that it's been successfully filed. Throughout the process, the system will send you automated updates regarding the progress.

Tenant is Served

Once the Dispossessory has been filed, in most counties, the sheriff will have the tenant served. Depending on your county and local officials, this can take a few days or longer. Once the tenant is served, he has 7 days to respond to the court. If the 7th day falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the tenant is afforded a little extra time to respond. If he does not respond by the end of the 7 days (also known as the end of answer period), you automatically win possession and you may request the writ of possession. You'll receive an automated email letting you know to log back into the website and click "Writ" to continue moving forward.

Possible Hearing

If the tenant files an answer, a hearing on the issues will be held. One a hearing is held, the court will issue its decision.

Who is my team?

Afterwards we will make sure you know the outcomes of your cases

Two outcomes that you will be notified are as follows

Down Arrow

Defendant requests a trial

Right Arrow

If you win possession

Down Arrow

Defendant does not respond to court and you win possession

When the Eviction Team receives the request of WRIT of possession we go back to work

You Request the Writ and We Pay the Fees

After you are granted possession, you will need to come back to the website and request the Writ of Possession. It is important that you act quickly and request the writ as soon as it is available so that it doesn't expire. You will receive a reminder the day after court that the writ is available. If you believe it is time to file the writ, and you are unable to do so in the website, please contact your eviction services team immediately so that they can check on it for you right away.

Down Arrow

Sheriff Posts the Writ of Possession

After the writ of possession has been filed, the sheriff will serve the writ of possession on the tenant giving them 7 days to move.

Down Arrow

You Contact the Sheriff to Schedule the Removal of the Tenant

Generally, the sheriff will supervise the landlord's removal of a tenant who refuses to leave.

How much will all this cost?

Is this a simple non-payment eviction?

Type of trial

Were there other circumstances? (Intermediate, Complex)

Number of defendants?

Is your property Single Family or Multi-Family?

Is this your first appearance for bench trial?

Choose your county*

*If you do not see your county listed, please contact our office.

Flat Rate Cost

Answer the questions above to see your low flat rates.
Eviction Costs

Filing & Service Fees:
Attorney Fee:

Total Eviction Costs: **

Court Costs

Jury Trial: per case - first day; $500 per case each additional day

Bench Trial in Magistrate Court: per case

Writ Costs

Filing Fee:
Attorney Fee:

Total Writ Costs: **

First appearance at a bench trial in magistrate court is free. Additional appearances & jury trials will be billed per contract. *South Carolina standard service fees are one flat fee regardless of the number of defendants.

This is only an estimate and Attorney fees quoted are for professionally managed properties with approved documentation who utilize our firm for all of their evictions. Clerk Filing Fees & Sheriff Process Fees for which you are reimbursing our firm are set by the State Legislature and may change with or without notice. Costs vary based on property type, lease type, and other variables. For a firm quote of all fees, please contact our firm.

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