Important news from Loebsack & Brownlee regarding GA House Bill 346

One of our values and goals is to be more than just an eviction service provider … we want to be your eviction service partner.  We’re here to help you in more ways than just filing your evictions.  With that in mind, we wanted to share some important information with our Georgia clients.

The Georgia Legislature recently passed House Bill 346, a new law that seeks to protect tenants from retaliatory evictions by a landlord. Retaliatory Eviction is the illegal process whereby a landlord evicts or removes a tenant from a rental property because of something the tenant was legally allowed to do, such as making requests for repairs.

Like similar laws in other states, House Bill 346 is specifically aimed at eradicating serious cases of landlord abuse and misconduct. As you know, in Georgia, renters have the right to complain about unlivable conditions, and landlords have a legal duty to make necessary repairs.

But now, under Georgia’s new bill, if a tenant were to complain about unsafe conditions, and suffer a retaliatory rental increase or eviction as a consequence, the eviction could be dismissed, and the landlord could face civil penalties.

If you need additional guidance or help determining what or when an eviction may be considered “retaliatory”, we encourage you to contact our team of attorneys and we’ll be glad to provide the advice you need.