NC Service members Civil Relief Act (S.L. 2019-161) New legislation

Late last week, our office received a Memorandum from the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts, providing a summary of a new law that went into effect in NC on Tues Oct 1 relating to statewide application of the Federal SCRA laws. We are emailing to provide you with a copy of this Memo so that all our clients can read and be aware of this information for themselves.

Please click the image to download a copy of the complete memorandum.

Since the requirements of the SCRA apply to potentially every eviction case that is filed, we expect that this new law will have an impact on our filing and courtroom procedures in the days and weeks ahead.  A new SCRA Affidavit was also introduced by the AOC, and we have already taken steps to incorporate this new document into our processes for this month’s upcoming filings.  What is unknown at this time, however, is how the Courts will expect to see this form utilized. We will be gathering and relaying information to you about whether there will be uniform usage of this form at all Courthouses In NC, or if there will be unique expectations in your particular County’s Courts.

Either way, please stay tuned and keep an eye on your email for future updates from us as we have them available for you.