What happens to a law firm logo that is made up of the two states the firm represents when we begin practicing in a third state? Should the existing logo be reimagined to include the new state? What if we grew into a fourth state, or fifth? Do we react with every change and update the logo each time? No way – that would be insanity. We are entering a time in our Firm’s growth to embrace a logo that will carry us through into our future. A new image. A logo that can cut to the chase, be friendlier on the eyes, be modern and minimal. A logo we’re really proud of. We’ll continue to provide the same services you’ve come to expect over the past six years, but do it in a sick sleek new wrapper.

We are proud to present the #newlook of
Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC:



  • Our offices will be closing today, Friday, December 7th at 3pm so that our entire team may gather from across the Carolinas for our annual holiday celebration.  Our Raleigh office already closed so they could travel to Charlotte.
  • Our offices will also be closed Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th, reopening at noon on Wednesday, December 26th.
  • Lastly, we will be closed on Monday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 1st, reopening on Wednesday, January 2nd.


Remember, if you ever have a need for some eviction-related legal advice, like “When and how should I go about seeking reimbursement for eviction fees from my tenants?” go HERE and submit a request through our website! Answers like these are included at no additional cost as part of our service to you, so let us know and we’ll be glad to try and provide the advice you need!