RDU Staff Lunch-n-Learn

On Wednesday, March 29th, we flipped the tables again on our traditional Lunch-n-Learn we host for our professionally managed communities.  Our Raleigh/Durham team got together over lunch to dig into some of the details about our work that we don’t normally ask each other.  It was a great team-building exercise, and it helped us gain a better understanding of the roles we take on to better serve our clients, AND more effectively engage with each other towards that goal of a “better” eviction process!

If you are interested in having lunch with a couple of our attorneys and find out more about how your properties can influence better outcomes with your evictions, ask about a Lunch-n-Learn with The Eviction Team, and we can schedule a great event that’s FREE for you and your management team!  All you have to do is click here or contact Matthew Morrison, and we will be happy to get you scheduled for an event that’s sure to enlighten and reward!